Poshell was born through a simple desire to offer women quality activewear, with modern design that motivates them to stick to an active lifestyle. We sell cutting-edge sporty fashion designed to make you look and feel great.

We focus on women who want more than a mainstream equipment. We look around the globe for exclusive brands that meet our demands of innovation, quality fabrics and modern design. We carefully select items that can be worn for any type of workout, but that can easily be adapted to a chic, elegant street look.

The Poshell story

Poshell (Posh-sophisticated and Shell- covering) was founded in 2015 when I had the idea of starting an internet business where women could find unique activewear pieces that look and feel great.

Having obtained 2 certifications as an aerobics instructor and attended the gym for almost 10 years, I knew how important it was to wear quality clothes. They come into direct contact with your skin while your body goes through a high effort so they have to fully support you in order for you to make the most out of your workout.

I also did not want to leave style and fashion at the studio’s door and I looked for clothes with a fashion design that made me look good and that were different from the fitness “uniform” seen in every gym.

During the summer of 2015 I did extensive research and discovered many exclusive, luxury activewear brands that were featured in international fashion magazines and preferred by celebrities. The website was launched in October 2015. Since then I have passionately grown my business and Poshell now offers premium brands from the UK, US and Australia that respect a high standard of performance and design.

I hope you find here the clothing matching your active life style and join me on this journey to bring together performance and style in the woman’s workout wardrobe.

Ana Oprita